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The Sultanate of Oman is globally renowned for its unique culture and rich heritage, evident in its authentic Omani traditions, lifestyle, living patterns, societal cohesion, mutual support, architectural and construction arts, tools, products, and utensils used, as well as folk arts found in every province and region on various occasions and for all age groups. The nature of presentation or singing, performance or display, and the instruments or musical tools used vary according to the type of event, whether it’s social, military, national, or religious, and according to the coastal, nomadic, agricultural, or mountainous environment in which they are practiced.

Omani traditional cuisine reflects an authentic Omani and Asian fusion that is unparalleled in flavor and taste. While Omani sweets are widely known across the Arabian Gulf, other Omani dishes have gained immense popularity, attracting tourists and visitors. Grilled meats, “mishkak” (grilled marinated meat), and “kabuli” (a type of Omani biryani) have become favorites for everyone, along with the preparation methods and accompanying events. Traditional markets showcase products used in Omani society as well as handicraft industries where Omanis demonstrate their creativity.

Explore Omani culture and delve into its intricate details

Royal Oman Police

ROP Emergency Number
Muscat Governorate Police Headquarters
(968+) 24648007
Dhofar Governorate Police Headquarters
(968+) 23234599
Musandam Governorate Police Headquarters
(968+) 26730299
Al Buraimi Governorate Police Headquarters
Al Buraimi
(968+) 25650099
Al Dakhiliya Governorate Police Headquarters
Al Dakhiliya
(968+) 25414899
Al-Batinah North Governorate Headquarters
Al-Batinah North
(968+) 26859499
Al-Batinah South Governorate Headquarters
Al-Batinah South
(968+) 26875099
A’Sharqia North Governorate Police Headquarters
A’Sharqia North
(968+) 25570099
A’Sharqia South Governorate Police Headquarters
A’Sharqia South
(968+) 25545070
Al Dhahirah Governorate Police Headquarters
Al Dhahirah
(968+) 25650099
Al Wusta Governorate Police Headquarters
Al Wusta
(968+) 23436099