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Wildlife encounters while protecting the animals

If you have ever witnessed endangered Green Turtle babies hatch and try to make their way to the water, you will know what a special experience it is. Oman remains dedicated to enabling these kind of wildlife encounters while protecting the animals.

Nature reserves are present throughout the country, on- and off-shore, to keep animals safe in their natural habitat. Examples are the As Saleel Nature Park in the A’Sharqiyah region, which provides a safe haven for the Arabian Gazelle and Omani Wild Cat (Al Senmar), and the Jebel Samhan Nature Reserve, one of the last places of the wild Arabian Leopard.

An equally dedicated level of protection is extended toward marine life, including the turtle reserve at Ras al Jinz and the uninhabited Daymaniyat Islands. Local operators offer regular dolphin and whale watching tours, with several bird watching groups also in existence.