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- Offer valid from 24/11/2021 to 1/5/2022

- Price: OMR28.00

Join the adventure

We are a well established marine tourism company specialised in sea tours from Al Mouj Marina in Muscat. We offer daily snorkeling trips to the beautiful Daymaniat Islands.
We pride ourselves on customer service with a personal touch and guarantee that our guests will have an unforgettable experience, which you can treasure forever.
We are very passionate about caring for our environment and are always careful to protect and take care of our surroundings to ensure that we can all enjoy the local nature and marine life for many more years to come. We look to take nothing from the sea but photos and leave nothing behind.


- Offer valid from 1/12/2021 to 31/3/2022

- Price: OMR1,220.00

Enjoy a unique Experience staying at Magic camps – Wahiba Sands.
Discover the impressive Raw Wadi Hawer.


- Offer valid from 1/12/2021 to 30/4/2022

- Price: OMR1,670.00

0900 Hrs : Arrive at The Wave Almouj marina where you
will be met by one of our team for a short introduction
and safety briefing. You will leave the marina at around
9.30am, and begin a leisurely 3-hour sail to the
Damaniyat Islands, nature reserve. Arriving at around
midday you will have plenty of time to swim, snorkel,
paddle board and explore the stunning set of islands, and
its abundance of marine life.
Lunch will be set up onboard for you to enjoy at your
leisure, before sailing South back along the coastline to
enjoy the sunset before reaching our base at Al Mouj


- Offer valid from 1/12/2021 to 30/4/2022

- Price: OMR1,365.00

0900 Hrs: Transfer from Marina to embark a Luxury Yacht
as we search the seas for Dolphins and Whales. Watching
wild dolphins is a thrilling way to start the day and the
lucky may even come across one of the many species of
whales that can be found just a few kilometers from
Muscat’s rugged coast. Not every trip guarantees a
sighting, but you are sure to enjoy a trip out to sea and
enhance your knowledge of nature’s most fascinating
marine mammals.

You have the chance to snorkel in a bay of Bander Al
Khayran island. Snorkeling equipment will be provided in
the boat. After having enjoyed your time in Bandar Al
Khayran, we return to Marina. ( 4 Hours)


- Offer valid from 1/12/2021 to 30/4/2022

- Price: OMR945.00

0830 Hrs:

This tour provides us with many interesting contrasts.

We proceed towards the fishing town of Quriyat through the stark mountain terrain. Drive through the fishing village of Quriyat along the picturesque waterfront. There is a good chance of spotting Flamingos and Eagles at an inland stream. We then start on an adventurous route cutting through the mountains.

At the end of the drive, Wadi Arbayeen awaits with its deep pools of water set among the date palms. Enjoy lunch at the Wadi. Drive back via Wadi Mazara visiting the Wadi Dayqah Dam.(It is advisable to wear light comfortable clothing and walking shoes).


- Offer valid from 1/12/2021 to 30/4/2022

- Price: OMR20.00

Here you can break your routine and join us for a short Adventure or a Tour , have an insight to Oman Local life and heritage and ecological system and life in Omani Villages, some tours take only a half day. For Adventures Seekers you can do Abseiling , Via ferata and Canyoning. Sure you will enjoy your day with us.


- Offer valid from 1/12/2021 to 30/4/2022

- Price: OMR130.00

Duration 8h, excl. lunch

Expo Package Taste of Salalah – 5D4N 2Pax


- Offer valid from 1/12/2021 to 30/4/2022

- Price: OMR700.00

Hike to a hidden beach


- Offer valid from 1/12/2021 to 30/4/2022

- Price: OMR965.00

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