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Oman’s proud heritage and history

Своими корнями оманская культура уходит в богатое историческое наследие, мореплавание, торговлю и географические открытия. Сегодня древние традиции органично сочетаются с современной жизнью, когда самые модные модели одежды и бренды электроники продаются по соседству с изделиями народных промыслов, ювелирными изделиями и даже скотом на традиционных базарах по всей стране. Такая же смесь старого и нового заметна и в архитектуре, например Королевского оперного театра и Большой мечети султана Кабуса в Маскате.

Seek out old and new

Наследие и ремесло

Oman has always placed great importance on the preservation of its heritage and traditional craftsmanship. Handed down through generations, craftwork is still practiced according to old traditions and with a modern twist by Omani artisans across the Sultanate.


Oman has a number of museums, primarily in the capital area, that is focused on promoting culture, science, and heritage.

Объекты Всемирного наследия ЮНЕСКО

В настоящее время в Омане находится пять объектов Всемирного наследия ЮНЕСКО, каждый из которых достоин посещения.

Исторические форты

In centuries past, Oman’s forts held enemy forces at bay. Today, these historic structures welcome guests with impressive facades that continue to stand proud and have become a living testament to the ingenuity and craftsmanship of the period.


Whether it is tasty street food or fine dining, visitors to Oman will find a wide range of options to suit all tastes. From contemporary restaurants serving all types of international cuisine in hotels, resorts, malls and commercial areas, to the casual shawarma eateries and coffee shops, the possibilities are endless.

Искусство и развлечения

Oman is a country that remains true to its roots, striking a successful balance between traditional and modern arts and entertainment. This unique blend helps cater to the entertainment needs of visitors whilst still preserving the country’s alluring Arabian charm.

Souqs & Shopping

From aromatic Frankincense to traditional clothing and silver works, Oman’s souqs provide an atmospheric shopping experience that is uniquely Omani. Most larger settlements in Oman have their own souq, the most famous being Muttrah Souq, situated on the Old Muscat waterfront and selling everything from clothes, to silver, spices, Frankincense and more.