DAY 1-2


The starting point for this trip is Salalah, Oman’s second largest city and gateway to a variety of adventures.


The Anti-Gravity point is amongst one of the most popular points of interest in Dhofar and is located close to Mirbat. It makes for a great detour on the way to Jebel Samhan.


There are a host of attractions on the way to the peak of Jebel Samhan, ranging from Tawi Ateer Sinkhole to Teeq Cave. The best camping spots are atop its plateau, overlooking the wadis, villages and ocean below.


Dhofar offers great diving and snorkelling opportunities along its coast. A day can easily be spent for diving and snorkelling before proceeding to the airport to return to Muscat.




Muscat offers a range of activities that would please any thrill seeker.


Start by chartering a boat or going on a Dhow cruise to explore Muscat’s coast and wildlife. Special dolphin watching trips can be arranged with a wide variety of tour operators.


Alternatively, a day on the water can also include diving and snorkelling. The Daymaniyat Islands are always worth a day trip, with turtles, rays and whale sharks having been spotted.





DAY 4-5


Just a three-hour drive from Muscat, the Ash Sharqiyah Sands provide a wide range of exciting activities for the intrepid traveller.


Setting off early in a convoy and with an experienced local guide, the crossing can take up to two days and is a breath-taking experience. Get ready for a unique insight into the Bedouin lifestyle and an opportunity to enjoy the stunning desert landscape. Camping under the stars is an unforgettable experience.




A day filled with a refreshing swim and turtle watching.


A quick detour en-route to Sur, Wadi Bani Khalid is one of the most scenic in the Sultanate. Natural pools are hidden in beautiful rock formations and invite a refreshing swim. Locals live nearby, so please dress modestly at all times.


The nature reserve at Ras Al Jinz has been set up to allow for sustainable viewing of turtles in their natural habitat. At night, Green turtles scamper up the beach to lay their eggs. Rangers ensure that visitors do not harm the animals or their environments. Pre-booking is required.




Explore some of Oman’s most stunning wadis on foot.


Along the coastal road from Sur to Muscat, Wadi Tiwi is also known as ‘the wadi of nine villages’. Its beauty is best explored on foot, with emerald water pools and date plantations lining the walking routes through the villages.


Wadi Shab can only be explored on foot, and reached via a short boat ride (during high tide). The hike into the wadi is not too strenuous and rewards visitors with natural water pools, waterfalls and even a submerged cave.