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Brochure e Informazioni Essenziali Sull’Oman

Cerchi brochure relative al turismo o informazioni chiave sull’Oman? Troverai ciò che cerchi e anche di più qui sotto. Se avete bisogno di maggiori informazioni sull’Oman, il nostro team media è a vostra disposizione per qualsiasi domanda.

Marhaba Oman
With pristine beaches, magnificent deserts, rugged mountains and a history that spans over 7,000 years, the Sultanate of Oman will refresh, engage and inspire you.
Marhaba Dhofar expereince oman
Marhaba Dhofar
Hidden beaches, lapped by the Arabian Sea, abound throughout the Governorate of Dhofar. The city of Salalah is blessed with kilometre after kilometre of soft white sand, the main beaches including those at Dahariz, Al Baleed and Haffa, near Al Husn Palace.
Marhaba muscat expereince oman
Marhaba Muscat
Situated between the Sea of Oman and the Eastern Hajar Mountains, Muscat's beautiful natural scenery is matched by the style and atmosphere of its townscape.
Geoheritage Tour Guide
The Sultanate of Oman displays an outstanding array of Geoheritage phenomena, many of which are world class.
Mrhaba ADakhliyah
Marhaba A’dakhiliyah
A’Dakhiliya governorate embraces some magnificent natural attractions which includes the highest peak in the Sultanate (Jebel Shams), not to mention the ancient forts and castles.
Marhaba AlWusta
Marhaba Al Wusta
Al Wusta governorate is located between sea and desert. From east, the Arabian Sea stretches along high mountains. And to the west, lays the Empty Quarter which is considered to be the largest desert in the world with its soft sand dunes.
Marhaba Musandam
Marhaba Musandam
Musandam governorate is distinguished with its diverse geographical nature, combining between high mountains, deep sea water, rocky beaches, beautiful bays and marine islands.
Marhaba ADhahirah
Marhaba A’dhahirah
A’Dhahirah governorate descends from the southern slopes of the West Hajar Mountains, holding spectacular natural sceneries, and historical monuments such as (Bat) site which is listed as one of the UNESCO's World Heritage sites.
Marhaba AlBuraymi
Marhaba Al Buraimi
Al Buraimi governorate, located at the north-western part of Oman, is a semi-desert land that descends from the southern slopes of the West Hajar Mountains. Its discovered archeological monuments indicates the existence of ancient civilizations in history.
North Ash Sharquiyah
Marhaba North A’sharqiyah
A’Sharqiyah North governorate is characterized by varied terrain and extraordinary scenery. Mountains gaze down onto a sea of golden sinuous sand dunes, scattered date oases surrounding ancient mud brick settlements.
South ASharquiyah
Marhaba South A’sharqiyah
When visiting A’Sharqiyah South governorate you will be overwhelmed by its natural and environmental diversity including towering mountains, golden desert sands, serene wadis and majestic ancient forts.
Marhaba Al Batinah North
Marhaba North Al Batinah
The North Al Batinah governorate has a fertile agricultural land that runs along the coast and spreads agricultural fields and population centers on its lands. In this governorate, many castles, forts, fences and old villages are distributed.