TRAVEL ALERT! Important information about the Coronavirus situation in Oman

A safe and affordable option

Buses are a safe and affordable option for getting around Oman and operate across the Sultanate, as well as within Muscat. Mwasalat – a government owned company – is the leading public transport service in the country, offering inter-regional as well as inter-city travel.

Aside from Mwasalat, several other transport operators – including Moon Travel and Al-Sumri Transport – provide long distance bus services, with most specialising in Muscat – Salalah trips. City bus tours, operated by Big Bus Tours, are also available and provide daily hop-on hop-off sightseeing tours around Muscat.

How to get around in oman

Here are plenty of options available for easy travel through the Sultanate – perfect for travellers looking to explore the country’s unique culture, amazing nature, authentic heritage and great food. For some harder to reach locations, guided tours can easily be arranged by one of the listed travel agents or tour operators.