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Markets and Shopping

Traditional markets in Oman offer a distinct shopping experience with an authentic Omani touch. These markets showcase a diverse range of Omani products, including frankincense, traditional clothing, and handmade crafts. These markets are scattered throughout various cities. For instance, Muttrah Souq is located on the waterfront in Muttrah Governorate and displays a wide array of products such as clothing, silverware, spices, frankincense, and other Omani goods. Nizwa Souq is situated near the famous Nizwa Fort, and visiting the souq on Friday mornings provides an opportunity to witness the traditional method of selling livestock known as “Al-Mnadha” or auction. A special livestock market is held every Friday morning for the sale of sheep and cows. In the North Al Sharqiyah Governorate, Ibra Souq for women is held every Wednesday, allowing women to come to the city and trade textiles, jewelry, and other products. Men are not allowed to enter or sell products on this specific day. Oman also hosts several modern shopping complexes across the country. These include Muscat City Centre, Oman Avenues Mall, Al Araimi Boulevard in the capital city Muscat, as well as Nizwa Grand Mall, Sohar City Centre, and Salalah Gardens Mall. These modern shopping complexes offer the latest products and international goods, catering to various shopping preferences.

شرطة عُمان السلطانية

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